Our Curriculum


Our unique learning landscape is inspired by the educational project of Reggio Emilia in Italy; the Principles, Practices and Outcome elements of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework; Inquiry and Nature pedagogies.  Interwoven are the fundamental and respected relationships, connections and dialogue between our educators, families, children and community. We strive to provide an aesthetically beautiful, nurturing and engaging environment…the third teacher to inspire children to become discoverers, learners and thinkers – holistically preparing them for a life of learning and wellbeing.



Our indoor landscapes embrace three nests: the Lilli Pilli, Bilby and Bowerbird nests. The interaction and engagement between our nests and outdoor learning landscape is designed to encourage encounters, creative expression, wonder, joy, communication, investigation, exploration, discovery and social responsibility. Educators carefully design spaces of beauty, with emphasis on the exploration of colour, light, technologies, loose parts, open-ended, creative, flexible and natural materials, and respecting children's capability by providing them with authentic tools and materials.