Nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains, the Preschool’s location leads naturally to an appreciation, wonderment and care of the natural environment.


We have a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability, ensuring children experience connections with the natural environment in meaningful ways. Our large outdoor area is filled with trees, plants, bugs, birds, art, pathways, open areas, sand, water and grass.


Children grow and harvest their own food, following the natural rhythms of our seasons. They find places to run, climb, dig, pretend and hide, with opportunities to bellow or be silent.


There are endless possibilities for involving children in education for sustainability and developing lifelong practices to ensure the respect and protection of our planet. Early childhood is a wonderful time to begin developing lifelong practices of respect, protection and a sense of wonder about their environment. We focus on connections with land, community, animals and our natural surroundings and practice sustainability of water, energy, resources and encourage caring for all living creatures.


At Katoomba Leura Preschool the children and educators are involved in sustainable practices every day, including:

  • Worm farms

  • Composting

  • Recycling

  • Vegetable and herb gardens

  • Water tank

  • Low waste lunches

  • Using recycled products

  • Green cleaning

  • Lunch and kitchen leftovers for our chickens

  • Return and Earn

We enjoy collecting and using loose parts in our classrooms engaging children's imaginations in a myriad of unusual and interesting ways. 

Our staff have a responsibility and commitment to our sustainability practices.


Resources we use to help in our practices are:

NSW Early Childhood and Environmental network        

Climbing the Little Green Steps                                           

Office of Environment and Heritage                                   

Planet Ark                                                                                   

Australian Assoc for Environmental Education               

Earth Hour                                                                                  

Return and Earn                                                                        


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