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Blue Mountains BushFire Season

1st September 2019

Due to ongoing warm and dry condition, the RFS have brought the bushfire season forward to beginning on 1st September 2019.

Please look through our preschool Bushfire policy and ensure you are familiar with it.

If you would like the policy emailed to you, please contact our office.

Book Week

22-28 August 2020

The official dates for CBCA Book Week 2020 are 22-28 August. 

We will celebrate at preschool by reading and sharing beautiful books and family stories.


Families are welcome to join in and we will keep you informed of what we are arranging a little closer to the date.

Walking Together

In the spirit of fostering inclusive and culturally appropriate best practice, Katoomba Leura Preschool is participating in the ‘Walking Together’ program.  This invaluable program is provided by Ngroo Education Incorporated in partnership with the Department of Education.


The Walking Together model has taken seven years to develop and is returning access, attendance and improved learning outcomes for Aboriginal children as documented in the Voices Research Project.


The Walking Together Model provides the following achievements:

  • Greater awareness and understanding in non Aboriginal staff

  • Better relationships with Aboriginal people

  • More Aboriginal children in services

  • Better outcomes in attendance, learning and school readiness

  • Trained Aboriginal resource personnel in each location as employed Aboriginal Mentors

  • Culturally safe services with staff and families designing programs from an equitable position

Breakfast Club

Every Day

How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Overwhelming evidence suggests that it is, especially for children. Eating breakfast has been shown to improve children’s behaviour and ability to learn and poor eating patterns can impair growth and development.

Put simply, a good quality breakfast helps provide children with the energy they need for the day, and the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

There are many reasons why a child may miss out on breakfast. Some children do not feel hungry upon waking, others find the morning rush too frantic and sometimes there is just no time to spare. If this is the case, just let us know and we can provide your child with a free breakfast.

We have toast, cereal, croissants and fruit available from 8.30am onwards each morning. We will ensure your child has a nutritious start to the day. Everyone is welcome.

Naidoc Week

5-12th July 2020

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The week is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. This committee was once responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself. 

Local community celebrations during NAIDOC Week are encouraged and often organised by communities, government agencies, local councils, schools and workplaces. Here at preschool we will have our own celebrations focussing on the interests of our children and being led by our local community.  If you would like to be a part of this, perhaps telling stories or sharing culture with our children, please let us know.

Children's Week

begins 24th October 2020

Children's Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia held around the fourth Wednesday in October. In 1996 it was decided to adopt a permanent theme: "A Caring World Shares" as a reflection of Children's Week .

A diverse range of events and activities are organised at National, State and Local levels. These focus the attention of the wider community on children, their needs and achievements.

Children's Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities. At preschool we will be enjoying a number of events focussing on the skills and talents of our children and encouraging families to spend time sharing and celebrating those skills.

Children's Week also calls us to consider those conditions in society which affect the lives and future of children and we will be considering how the lives of children internationally differ from the lives of our own children.

Dr Claire Warden

Nature Pedagogy

We were so fortunate to be inspired by Dr Claire Warden on Saturday 14th September 2019.

We explored floorbooks through a nature pedagogy together with our friends and colleagues from Blaxland Preschool. We have returned to Katoomba Leura Preschool with our wonder for nature ignited and will be sharing all that we learned with our preschool community.

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