For our Preschool it is a privilege to share with families the nurturing and education of their children.


We value and welcome their support and always encourage them to come and spend time with their child.


Having their family involved in their preschool world gives children a strong sense of place. Parents are welcomed to participate and contribute in a way that they feel comfortable and confident.


One parent may read a book with their child in the mornings before saying goodbye for the day, one parent may enjoy making sushi or baking with the children, whilst another, more musically inclined, may wish to play music with the children.

As educators of young children, we are committed to the belief that strong family/educator relationships are essential for childrens' success in preschool.

Our educators strive to form genuine partnerships with families that:

  • Value each other’s knowledge of each child

  • Value each other’s contributions to and roles in each child’s life

  • Communicate freely and respectfully with each other

  • Share insights and perspectives about each child

  • Engage in shared decision-making

From a parent: 

Some afternoons Jemima (and Elsie) draw in what we call our “happy day books”. Jemima often needs prompting to remember her day but on this day last week, when I asked “What was good today?", she broke out in a smile and said “seeing Sue at preschool” ❤️ - and drew a lovely portrait ☺️ (which Elsie then labelled for her).

We feel so privileged to have found a preschool with such a beautiful culture and where our kids connect with the teachers. Thank you all!!!


Naomi Grice

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